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Le Pinete

All started in 1964 when Martino and his family opened the little "Rifugio del cacciatore".

Year after year the little refuge become bigger and bigger. In the beginning of '70s 

the family start to build the first ice rink, that was smaller than the actual one and the first winter season was a succes.  At the end of this season they create the ice rink of 30m per 60m, after 180m3 of concrete and more than 21 km of pipes the base was done.

In 1976 the actual ice rink opened for the first season, it was so different than what we can see now beacuse the roof  was built in 1979-80. 

In the first years of 21th century the family decide to focus his business on athlets training and sports group with figure ice-skating, dance, couple figure and hockey.

In 2006 they renewed the roof of the ice rink with more performing matherials, the tribune and sound system was renewed too. This renovation program ended in 2015 with the solar system on the roof of ice rink.

In 2017 the family started a massive eco-friendly renovation project for the hotel that going to finsh for the summer 2021 season.


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