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Activities nearby

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel, you can find various attractions, including the Love Bike Park, an area dedicated to mountain bike lovers, an exciting adventure park, a ski area and numerous paths that enter the woods, offering the opportunity to explore the surrounding nature on foot.

Qc terme san pellegrino terme 

Hydromassage tubs, Kneipp path, waterfalls, saunas and relaxation rooms: QC Terme San Pellegrino is the perfect place to regenerate. In the historic city of spas, where frescoes and wonders of the past blend with modern design architecture and installations, a new form of well-being is born today.


Ski resort
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An evocative ski area that includes the Gremei Refuge, a vast welcoming space nestled in the mountains where skiers can find rest and refreshment.


An exciting adventure park surrounded by nature, where adults and children can tackle courses suspended among the trees, overcome exciting obstacles and experience adrenaline-filled experiences


Love Bike Park

Ideal for outdoor and adrenaline lovers, this route promises breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience in the midst of wild nature.

Ice Skating

Activity suitable for all ages and skill levels, offering both moments of fun and opportunities to improve balance and coordination

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